If You Have a True Passion For Real Estate

If you have a true passion for real estate, working with people in the Bendigo area then we would love to hear from you!

Bendigo Real Estate offers so many exciting career opportunities. We’re always keen to meet dedicated, determined and talented people to join our team.

Interested? Complete your details below or call us or even pop in, and let’s see if where we’re going is also where you want to be!

We can offer you a dynamic, supportive and positive team environment where excellence is encouraged.


We strive to create and maintain a culture of success, support and fun and be recognised as the place to work in the industry.

With the challenges of the current economy, everyone involved in the listing or selling of property needs to have everything possible going in their favour.

That means things like:-

* Agency Reputation and Visibility

* Powerful client appeal and proven success rate

* Solid back office support

* Industry-leading training and personal development

So, imagine being part of a Network of the leading independent real estate agencies across Australia and New Zealand, where you’re coached and encouraged by some of the top Real Estate & Business Coaches in the country!

Well, that’s exactly what Bendigo Real Estate is part of Real Estate Results Network !

Here are some reasons why Bendigo Real Estate should be your first choice when looking at joining the winning real estate team:

1. Get the support you need to winmore business.

You’ll have access to the impressive Real Estate Results Network training programs, the on-line Resource Centre and numerous other support tools. Basically all the material you’ll need to establish a great business system for achieving even greater results.

2. Bendigo Real Estate have a very REAL point of difference and competitive edge.

You see Real Estate Results Network Membership is only available to approximately 1 in 30 agencies across Australia and New Zealand.

By joining, we have secured the rights to market ourselves as a Real Estate Agent Results Network Member (the appointed Member for the Bendigo area, with the power of a Network spanning across Australia and New Zealand). We are the ONLY Agency in our area granted the rights to use Results information or attend learning and development programs exclusively for Members. It’s clearly another arrow in our bow.

3. To have Australia’s leading real estate support team working with us EXCLUSIVELY in our market.

Ultimately, we want the Bendigo Real Estate business to grow. And like any great team, we want the right support to help us get there faster.

Real Estate Results Network is focused on delivering the best strategies, skills, tools and resources for each of us to work smarter (not harder) while producing even better results.

So ultimately, what does this mean for you?

Real Estate Results Network is the vision of Michael Sheargold. Over the last 15 years Michael has become known as an expert in the Real Estate game having coached real estate professionals all over the world. Michael’s experience in how to lift personal performance and results in our industry is literally second to none. And by joining the Bendigo Real Estate , you’ll have direct access to all of that intellectual property and information!

Bendigo Real Estate has exclusive access to Real Estate Results Network unique online Resource Centre. This is similar to a how to and what to real estate Google search available 24/7 to Real Estate Results Network Members only. An enormous Knowledge Base of information - ready made letters, systems, dialogues, audio and video programs, webinars, teleseminars, checklists and marketing strategies to lift your results in generating, listing and selling plus many other areas - and as a result, your personal income too. This unique online system lets you find tools to help you create more business, track your results and stay on track to achieve your personal financial goals and our goals as a team.

Via live events and programs, Bendigo Real Estate also has access to the best, cutting-edge training available in our industry with peers from non-competing agencies around Australia and New Zealand.

Of course you can visit www.rernetwork.com.au for more information as well keep in mind, this is not the Member only site that Bendigo Real Estate have exclusive access to.

Only 1 in 4 people are ideally suited to Real Estate as a career.

We’re always looking for great people to grow our winning team. Essential to your success in real estate is enthusiasm, hard work, dedication, and a desire to learn.

Are you ready for the challenge?

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